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Millennium Suite:

Dedicated to the new Millennium and to the old millennium which brought us so many great music.


Song for clarinet:

Modern song for clarinet and string orchestra.


Horn concerto:

Chamber concerto in five movements for horn, string quartet and pizzicato string ensemble. All parts played by the string quartet and the horn, except the second movement, in which a pizzicato string group replaces the viola and the cello.






Swinging Christmas

Swinging medley of wordwide well-known traditional Christmas songs in an own arrangement.



Is it jazz? Classical? Pop? You tell me! In fact it is a tribute to a famous Dutch group by the name of Ekseption, which joined classical music, pop and jazz together.


Latin Flavour

Bossa nova piecefor lead and rhythm acoustic guitar, drums/percussion, bass, electric piano and tenor sax.


Love dance

For acoustic guitar, bass drum, percussion and two dancing lovers.


Letís have fun(k)!

Dancable funky piece with big band influence




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